Feliz Navidad!!!!

Hello there to you my friends..

Welcome to 2010…it’s a NEW YEAR for sure! How did you ring in the new year? I had some of my closest friends come back into town for a New Year’s Eve SUPER Shenanigan Throwdown…we got wild and loud as you can imagine and it was a great time for sure.

The countdown to Opening Day 2010 is on too..we’re exactly 100 days away from the 10th season of Lexington Legends baseball at Applebee’s Park? Are you getting pumped? I sure am!

We have ALOT of cool things planned for this upcoming year and as the season gets closer, I’ll be sure to pass along.

In other Legends news…

FieldStaff2010.gif*Rodney Linares, a veteran of the Astros’ organization, will be the Legends manager in 2010. For the last three seasons, Linares was the manager in Greeneville (Tenn.), the Astros’ affiliate in the rookie Appalachian League.

Linares was Lexington’s hitting coach in 2005 and 2006. Before joining the Legends for the 2005 season, he had served six seasons as a hitting coach and scout in the Astros’ Dominican Republic operations.

Linares played three seasons of professional baseball. He was an infielder in the Detroit organization in 1997 and part of 1998, and in the Houston organization from 1998-99.

Stubby Clapp, who was the Legends hitting coach in 2008, will return to that post in 2010. He was the hitting coach for Greeneville in 2007 and 2009. Clapp played professionally from 1997-2005, and reached the majors in 2001 with St. Louis. A native of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Clapp played for Canada in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. He also played for Canada in the 1999 PanAm Games and in the World Baseball Classic in 2006 and 2009.


Josh Anderson.jpg*Former Eastern Kentucky University and Lexington Legends standout, Josh Anderson signed a minor league contract with the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday. This deals features an invitation to Spring Training in Florida as a non-roster player.

Anderson, a 27-year-old Kentucky native, (Eubank), is a career .272 hitter with the Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals. Anderson has made a big name for himself for his base-stealing ability. He is a left-handed outfielder who has 36 stolen bases in 179 major league games to his name.

Anderson was drafted in 2004 into the Astros organization and made his MLB debut in 2007 before being trade to the Braves. He was Class AAA Richmond’s Player of the the Year in 2008 and went to spring training with the Braves in 2009. But, he was traded to the Tigers before the season began and spent most of 2009 in Detroit before being sent to Royals for cash considerations. 

We have soooooooooo much more happening in 2010, I can’t wait to share…but, you’ll definitely have to keep checking out the hottest blog in all of minor league baseball…Diggin’ In To the Legends with ME…SuperMario!

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its a wrap…Baseball Winter Meetings are Complete!

Hola Mi Amigos!

And for those that don’t speak Spanish…Hi My Friends!


But, as I type the hottest blog in the minor leagues as well as the longest running blog in the south Atlantic leagues…guess what??? Your main man, good ole SuperMario is reflecting on an awesome and adventurous time in Indianapolis for the 2009 Baseball Winter Meetings.



Picture 022.jpgYou’ve read me talking about this for a little while…it’s finally here. Major and minor leagues teams have come together for this 4-day networking, idea-sharing bonanza.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s starting to look a lot like…THANKSGIVING!

I hope EVERYONE has a fantastic Turkey day and has safe travels whether it may be through the air or on the ground!

We’ll chat it up again soon…sometime after this great day! I’m already full thinking about it!


\tha?(k)s-?gi-vi? also ?tha?(k)s-?\

Function: noun


1 : the act of giving thanks

2 : a prayer expressing gratitude
3 : a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness

happy thanksgiving.jpg

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The Work Week is Just Beginning for Most…and for me..WELL…I work all the time..

Hi Friends..

Thanks for coming on back to your favorite place in all the land…Diggin’ In to the Legends with ME…SuperMario. You’re locked into the hottest AND longest running blog in the South Atlantic League.

So how goes it?

I’m assuming EVERYBODY had a SUPER fantastic halloweekened, a few weeks back.

It’s  been a couple busy weeks for baseball fans across the nation as all eyes were locked into the World Series as Yankees battled the Phillies. Storylines were definitely good one for this series. The Phillies…the defending world champs versus the winningest franchise EVER (as some people say) in all of baseball history.

Well, as we all know, the Yanks won and brought home the hardware for the 27th time. Shew! That team is definitely on a roll…a big bank roll can do lots when building a sports franchise…the Steinbreinners admit that. But, congrats to that organziation on a job well done clinching the series 4 games to 2.

brad mills.jpgIn other baseball news…I wrote a few blogs ago how the Legends parent team, the Houston Astros let go their manger, Cecil Cooper and were in search of a new skipper…welll, it’s official thay hired a new one and he’s from within the Boston Reds Sox organization…his name, Brad Mills.

He actually has been managing in the minors for about 18 years and has been given the go-ahead to take the reigns of the Astros for the next 2 years.

Kudos to Mr. Mills…and, hopefully he can right the ship of the Houston Astros because we are more than ready to see some W’s all across the board during 2010.

Speaking of new hires…it’s official these days and was published in the Lexington Herald-Leader recently so I can definitely plug it right here in this blog….About a month ago, I accepted a position here in Lexington in the news department with ABC affiliate, ABC 36…Check out the link below.


No fear though, I’m still going to be working for the Legends…just going to be pulling double at both places for the next few months….so that should be interesting, right? I’m excited…it’s been a blast so far and I’m so thankful for the oppurtunity.

But, for now…that’s all I got..

until next time,

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If Case YOU Were Wondering….YES, I survived New Orleans!

Thumbnail image for uDhKdgbf.jpg

So…the big bad minor league baseball promotional seminar in NAWLINS was definitely a success. Tons of cool and unique ideas were shared PLUS I, good ole SuperMario got to meet and greet with some of the BEST of the BEST when comes to baseball so it was a great trade off.

Unfortunately, the Lexington Legends did not bring home the hardware in the “MiLB Best In-Game Promotion” with Media Mogul Madness. I’m sure though, when the final votes were counted, the Legends were a very close second. The promotion that actually won was the “Funky Feather” brought to you by our friends at the Great Lake Loons.

Check out the link here and see what it’s all about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRb4zqeydHE

After watching, I’m sure you’ll be able to see why they won.

Even though the baseball season has long gone, we here in the Legends front office are STILL mighty busy. We’re hosting the South Atlantic League Fall Meetings coming up during the week of October 12th. For those of you who MIGHT not know what that means…Lexington is the host city for the fall meetings, where all the 14 teams in our league meet and discuss the 2009 season and plan, prepare and vote on items involving the 2010 season. Follow the Lexington Legends website for cool things from that particular meeting.


Make sure if you are not already…follow the Legends even throughout the office season by doing the following:

Continue to read the hottest blog in ALL of the minor leagues and the South Atlantic League’s longest running blog…Diggin’ In To the Legends with me…SuperMario!

Also, if you want to check these SCHWEET Legends related pages on the website! 





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BREAKING NEWS: Houston Astros Send Manager Cecil Cooper a-Packin…

The shake-ups are definitely starting to happen with the Houston Astros who are the major league affiliate of the Lexington Legends.

Cecil Cooper.jpgThe Astros announced on Monday that Cecil Cooper, who has been with the team as manager since August 2007 was being let go. During his time as top man in Houston, the Astros have have had a so-so reign going 171-170. The Astros actually had 13 games left in the 2009 season but management felt the move was needed now. Dave Clark, has been tapped as interim manager to finish out the rest of the season.

Make sure to keep checking the blog to find out all the new developments with this story.

Good ole SuperMario is hitting the road to New Orleans in about a week for the 2009 MiLB Promotional Seminar. It takes place September 30th-October 3rd…teams from all over the nation will convene down in the Big Easy to share promotional ideas and good fun things that worked at different teams from every level. I’ll be blogging and sharing pictures from down in those parts…so make you check out the HOTTEST blog as it hits the road to New Orleans.

uDhKdgbf.jpgLuckilly, we happen to be finalists for the 2009 MiLB Best In-Game Promotion for Media Mogul Madness. That’s where we had media peeps from television and radio serve as our Legends Guest PA announcer during an 8-game homestand in July. Keep those fingers and toes crossed FO SHO as we look to hit a HOME RUN and bring home the award back to Lexington.

MediaPeeps425.gifThat’s all for now…

but do keep checking back..

but until next time..

keep it SUPER fans.


Legends End On a High-Note With 4-game sweep…

Photo of the week.JPG

Robert Bono.jpgHey there baseball fans and welcome into this cool edition of Diggin In to the Legends with me…SuperMario. I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend and didn’t a little tooo much fun because I definitely did. Haha…

But anywho…Lexington Legends pitcher, Robert Bono pitched a four-hitter and the Lexington Legends closed out the 2009 season on a high-note Monday, with a 5-1 win over the Bowling Green Hot Rods.

Our hometeam actually swept the Hot Rods in the 4-game series and won 12 of its last 17 games. Pretty Cool, huh?

Albert Cartwright and Freddie Hernandez each had three hits for Lexington, and Marques Williams drove in two runs. Eric Suttle hit his first home run of the season, a leadoff shot in the ninth.

Bono (10-8) did not allow a base runner until Mike Sheridan’s two-out single in the fifth inning. He struck out four, allowed four hits and walked none for his third complete game of the season, second-most in the league.

On April 8th, 2010, the Legends open up it’s 10th anniversary of baseball on the road in Charleston, South Carolina versus the Riverdogs. The home opener is Friday, April 16 at Applebee’s Park against the Greenville Drive.

Get excited..

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!


the 2009 home baseball season is over..

well hello there friends and thanks for checking out MY blog…Diggin’ In to the Legends!

The 2009 season Legends baseball season has concluded and I tell ya what…it’s kinda sad😦

5 long grueling months, filled with 70 home baseball games takes a toll on a person especially after a while.

But, while there were many ups and downs, highs and lows for our 2009 Lexington Legends baseball team, which is normal, the folks like me, inside the front office stayed on an incredible all-season long!

Going into this season, we were all well aware that the season would definitely present us with a few obstacles. The economy had the world all crazy-eyed and freaked out, but our staff went ahead and still kept at it, trying to make new sales…It was well documented that our 2008 Legends team had one of the worst years on field in all of minor league baseball…so many folks were leary as the 2009 season approached..

This willd and wicked weather impacted many of our games this year too…but, all in all…regardless of whatever adversity our staff faced, we kept on “truckin” and survived it all and made the best of it!

Take a look at a couple “preview” pictures from the 2009 season and reflect…I’ll be adding some more soon..

I’ll be vacationing soon so be sure to check back into this awesome blog right after Labor Day as I start talking to you about post-baseball fun-ness.

Be in touch soon..

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!




Legends Hit the Road as the Season is About to Close…

ANOTHER successful, rain-filled 8-day homestand is down in the books here at Applebee’s Park and I thank you for checking out the 183th edition of Diggin’ in to the Legends with me…SuperMario!

WOW! Where in the heck has this season/summer gone? It’s blazed on by faster than normal and our hometeam Legends season is just about done. 7 home games are left and you don’t want to miss out on alllll the action packed things we have coming up. More on that later..

However, if you missed some of the games we had during the past eight days, SHAME ON you…but, it’s okay, I have you covered…I’ll be adding some schweet pictures from some of the games soon..

While our hometeam had a rough time here these last few days at the Orchard, they hit the road later this afternoon to begin their next road series. The trip first takes them to Kannapolis as they battle with the Intimidators through Thursday. After that, the Legends head to Greensboro, North Carolina to take on the Grasshoppers. They return back to Applebee’s Park for the FINAL homestand of the the 2009 season on Tuesday, August 25th.

Make sure you keep in touch and keep checking this blog to find out more about what we have planned for the last 7 games of the season.

Until then fans,

keep it SUPER,


Legends Kick Off 9th Homestand of the Year with Rain Showers…

Hola Mi Amigos and welcome back into the greatest blog you will read…all day…I am your main main, SuperMario.

Hello friends, we’re getting locked and loaded for another set of games here at Applebee’s Park…8 to be exact.

It’s Sun Tan City Ladies Night on this rainy, Wednesday night. Our hometeam looks to pick up a ‘W’ against those Lake County Captains at 7:05pm. Tonight, begins night numero uno of our 2009 Media Mogul Madness! WKYT news reporter and anchor, Mark Kennedy starts things off tonight.










Thursday, ZROCK 103.3’s radio personality, Twitch will be calling the game from the press box for KY Lottery Thirsty Thursday.

Friday, LEX18 Chief Meterologist Bill Meck will be taking on the microphone duties as Applebee’s Park host the Opening Ceremonies for the 2009 Bluegrass State Games. Jared “the Subway Guy” Fogle will be on-hand as well to talk about helping “Get Healthy Kentucky.”










We definitely can’t forget about Saturday, when 107.9 the BEAT’s Jay Alexander goes to the Legends boothon NFL Night when the Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleaders shake and bake for all you Legends fans! Bryan Station High School Defender and Hall of Famer, former Pittsburgh Steeler, Dermontti Dawson will be enjoying the ode to the pigskin lovers!

BenGals425.gifBe apart of it all TODAY…Fun and Games…Just Add YOU!


until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!